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Dear Friends,

This week, negotiations between the United States, the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany, and the Iranian government came to a close. I promise you this: I will not be part of any agreement that allows the Iranians to develop a nuclear weapon that could harm the United States of America, the state of Israel or any other peace-loving country in the world.

The pending vote on this deal is one of the most important votes I may ever cast as a member of Congress because it is about the future of our country, peace in the Middle East, and the sanctity of our country. I joined Judy Woodruff on PBS’ “NewsHour” program on Tuesday following the deal, and you can watch it here.

As I review this deal, the following factors jump to the forefront:

  • Iran should not be able to develop a nuclear weapon that could harm our nation, the nation of Israel or any other peace seeking nation
  • Iran has never proven to be a trustworthy negotiator
  • Iran has stated that we are their enemy

Let me share with you my thoughts about this deal with Iran:

Watch my video message here and read my full message here.

Returning Control of Education to Parents

On Thursday, the Senate passed bipartisan education reforms that end the federal government’s micromanagement of schools and curriculum standards and put education decisions back in the hands of parents, teachers, and state and local governments.

For years, I have fought for the type of education reform found in the Every Child Achieves Act. On Wednesday, the Senate unanimously passed my amendment to the legislation that provides parents the necessary information to learn if their child can opt-out of standardized testing. I will never stop fighting to provide the best education for future generations. You can read more about the bill, as well as the amendments I supported, including those on funding, accountability and choice here.

I also spoke on the Senate floor about my parental opt-out amendment: 

What’s on Tap?

Next week, the Senate will begin work on highway funding legislation. The Highway Trust Fund is currently set to expire on July 31, 2015. I am hopeful the Senate will be able to pass a fiscally responsible highway bill that enables Georgia and other states to make long-term plans for vital infrastructure maintenance and improvements.

Additionally, the Veterans Affairs’ Committee will consider legislation to demand more accountability from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), by expanding the VA’s authority to fire employees for misconduct or poor performance and by revoking bonuses for employees who were involved in manipulating health care waiting lists.

Johnny Isakson