What Others Are Saying

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson didn’t duck or dodge a single question during last week’s wide-ranging sitdown with the Times-Enterprise Editorial Board. He tackled each one eagerly and candidly.

Isakson’s approach was greatly appreciated during this politically correct age when America’s leaders often opt for subtlety over plainspokenness. The Republican, eyeing a third term, delivered his opinion on everything from Donald Trump to terrorism in blunt fashion.

It was Isakson’s answer to a question about President Obama’s handling of terrorism that was his most incisive. He made it clear that he is not a fan of Obama’s penchant for leading from behind or his strategy of “degrading” ISIS instead of destroying it.

The United States must go after terrorists and kill them, Isakson explained.

“We’re tying our own hands behind our backs until we do that,” he said.

Giving up the big stick and walking softly is “a recipe for disaster,” he added.

Isakson criticized the president for ignoring the advice of our most experienced military leaders and getting very little in return in a nuclear deal that netted Iran $150 billion. He also said Obama’s visit to Cuba gave Fidel and Raul Castro a propaganda victory and afforded them an opportunity to show him and our country disrespect.

The senator made it clear that the world needs the United States to stand tall in the face of evil. We believe it still has the ability to do so, but the desire of the commander in chief has been lacking

A member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Isakson deserves credit for pointing that out credibly and forcefully.