Floor and Committee Statements

"Mr. President, I come briefly but quickly and proudly to recommend Britt Grant to this body and to the United States of America to be the next judge from the State of Georgia to be on the circuit court of appeals.

"Britt Grant is an outstanding jurist. She became a judge on the Georgia Supreme Court at the age of 40. She went to Stanford University Law School, and she went to Wake Forest University as an undergraduate. After she left Stanford University, she came to clerk for Brett Kavanaugh, who is now nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Throughout her legal career, whether it was practicing as an attorney, whether it was serving as a judge, or whatever she did, she was always at the top of her class, at the top of her case, or at the top of her ability. I don't remember ever having a judge come before this body, since I have been in Congress, from my home State of Georgia who had more people pulling for her, more people wanting her to win, more people who think she is the right person at the right time for the United States of America.

"So I come to the floor as the senior senator from Georgia to tell my colleagues this: You have the chance to invoke cloture tonight with your vote and to vote tomorrow for the confirmation of the Honorable Britt Grant of the Georgia Supreme Court to be on the U.S. Circuit Court for the Eleventh Circuit of the United States of America.

" I urge my colleagues to vote yes for cloture and yes for Judge Grant tomorrow.

"I yield back the remainder of my time."