Floor and Committee Statements

Monday, September 9, 2019

Floor Speech Tribute to Vince Dooley

   Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, I rise for a moment to pay tribute to a great Georgian and his wife who this past Saturday in Athens, GA, before the University of Georgia football game, were honored by naming the field at the Sanford Stadium, Dooley Field.

   Vince Dooley coached Georgia to a national championship in 1980 and coached Herschel Walker, probably the most famous running back in the history of football. He was also a great contributor to the university, contributing millions of dollars himself, personally, to see that libraries were built. He wrote seven books, including a book on flowers, which is the one that all botanists around the world pay attention to, and he is an expert historian on the Civil War. He is just a great American. He went to Auburn, but he recovered and came to Georgia.

   He started coaching at Georgia and did better and better until he got us a national championship. This weekend, as our senior past athletic director and past coach, we named the field at Georgia after Vince Dooley for 25 years of outstanding service to the university and a lifetime of service to education.

   May God bless Vince Dooley, Barbara Dooley, and their family. Congratulations to the University of Georgia and congratulations to Vince.