Floor and Committee Statements

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Floor Statement Congratulating John Kerry

Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, yesterday the Senate overwhelmingly confirmed the nomination of John Kerry to be the next Secretary of State of the United States of America. I was away from the Capitol during the 2 hours allocated for that debate, and I wanted to add my comments and my commendations to now Secretary Kerry on his confirmation to be Secretary of State of our country.

   For the last 4 years, I had the privilege of serving on the Foreign Relations Committee with Senator Kerry as chairman. During that period of time, I got to watch him as a diplomat, as an American, as a Member of the Senate, and as one committed to peace and security around the world. I watched him carefully in the Middle East as he negotiated and worked hard to see to it that we had peace but that we had peace through strength and we had peace through our partnership with the great State of Israel. I watched him on the comprehensive peace agreement in the Sudan to help shepherd across the creation of the newest nation, South Sudan, and a bloodless election that caused that to take place. I watched him in many other cases dealing with diplomats from Africa, to Europe, to the Middle East, representing the United States of America in all of its best interests. I watched him work hand in hand with

Secretary of State Clinton to ensure that there was no division between the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the policies of this country. But most importantly of all, in those tough, tough issues, like the ratification of the New START treaty, now Secretary Kerry, then Chairman Kerry, made sure that every member of the committee in the entire markup and hearing process had their questions answered, their concerns answered, and was a part of the process. He never tried to ramrod anything through the committee nor through the Congress but, rather, did his job in an exemplary way.

   It is a privilege for me to rise tonight to pay tribute to JOHN KERRY, the next Secretary of State of the United States of America, and commend him on his confirmation to that job.

   I yield the floor.