Floor and Committee Statements

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA)
Floor Statement on Warner Robins American's
2007 Little League World Championship Victory

Remarks as Delivered on the Senate Floor

Mr. President, I thank Senator Chambliss for this opportunity. I am pleased to join him in paying tribute to the Warner Robins Little League. I associate myself with all his remarks.

Dalton Carriker's walk-off home run in extra innings was a thrill. Kendall Scott's great relief pitching was a thrill. But what was the most thrilling thing of all, because I got home in time to watch the end of that game, were the actions of those kids in response to the despair of the Japanese kids. In fact, I want to quote from a news article. A reporter interviewed Kendall Scott, the winning pitcher, after the end of the game when he gazed across the field and saw the Japanese players all on their knees in tears, disappointed in their loss. Kendall Scott said the following:

They don't disrespect, they're very disciplined and they're some of the nicest kids you'll ever meet in your entire life. Just seeing them fall down and cry, you just couldn't let them do that--you gotta pick them up.

Having had two boys who went through Little League, having worked in baseball as a youngster myself, I know one of the goals of Little League is to instill good sportsmanship and teamwork on behalf of players. I commend manager Mickey Lay and coaches Mike Conlon, Tommy Morris, and Mike Smith for the discipline, the teamwork, and the respect they instilled in these young men, because at the height of their victory, zenith of their young careers, they stopped their celebration to console those they had defeated on the field. That shows that Little League and its goals of teaching teamwork and sportsmanship are alive and well, not just in Warner Robins, GA but throughout the United States. I am pleased to join my colleague and commend the Warner Robins Little League on their victory and remind everyone, that is back to back for Georgia. Columbus, GA won last year. Warner Robins won this year. We will try for a trifecta next year.