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Constituent Services

This is your Senate office, and Johnny and his staff stand ready to assist you with any governmental problem you might have. Johnny understands how challenging it can be to deal with the federal bureaucracy. Feel free to call, write, fax, or e-mail us about your concerns, and we'll do our best to help you.

One of Johnny's most important jobs in the Senate is to assist constituents who run into difficulties when dealing with federal agencies. As your senator, he is here to help you with specific problems you may be having with Social Security benefits, veterans’ benefits, immigration, the Internal Revenue Service or any other federal agency.

Passports and Immigration
Access information from the Passport Services Office, which provides information and services to American citizens about how to obtain, replace or change a passport. For further help with passport issues, please contact Ryan Pelfrey at (770) 661-0999. For help with immigration issues, please contact Charles Spry at (770) 661-0999.

Privacy Release Form
The Privacy Act of 1974 requires the office to have your written permission to make an inquiry on your behalf. Please print this form, fill it out, sign and mail or fax it to the State office.

Washington DC Visitor Information
Find helpful information when planning a trip to Washington D.C.

Help with Federal Agencies
Links to help you learn more about and contact federal agencies.

Federal Grants
Information about finding and applying for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies.

Business Opportunities with the Federal Government
This information Web page, prepared by the Congressional Research Service, is a guide for persons wanting to do business with the federal government. Since many of the procedures for federal procurement are conducted online, this Web page provides an electronic gateway to important sources of information for selling to the government.

Government Benefits helps citizens access government benefit eligibility information through a free, confidential, and easy-to-use online screening tool. is a partnership of Federal agencies with a shared vision - to provide improved, personalized access to government assistance programs.

Flag Requests
Iinformation on how you or a fellow Georgian can receive an American flag flown over the Senate side of the United States Capitol Building.

Presidential Greetings
Information on how you or someone you know can receive a message from the President for special occasions such as anniversaries (50 years or more) and Birthdays (100 or older).

Congratulatory Letters
Information on how you or a fellow Georgian can receive congratulatory letters from Johnny in commemoration of special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirements, births, or scouting awards.

Open Office Days
Find out when a representative from Johnny's office will be in your area to meet about any issues concerning the federal government, federal legislation or federal agencies, such as Veterans Affairs, the IRS, Medicare, Medicaid or the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Scheduling Requests
If you have a scheduling request for the Washington office, please call (202) 224-3643. For scheduling requests for the Georgia office, please call (770) 661-0999.

Photo Requests
To find out how you can obtain a photo of Johnny or to schedule a photo with him during your trip to D.C., please call (202) 224-3643.

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Online Child Safety
Find out how to utilize the internet to your advantage when dealing with matters of family and children.

Contact Johnny
Whether by email, phone, fax, or mail, Johnny wants to hear from you!