Johnny Isakson's Position Statement on Immigration

First and foremost it is imperative that we secure our borders. I support a border security plan to combat illegal immigration, drug and alien smuggling and violent activity on the Southwest border. As we have seen in places such as Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona, Mexican drug cartel violence has only escalated and threatens communities not just in the Southwest but also in Georgia. We must respond accordingly to ensure the safety of all American citizens. I do not believe in any special pathway to citizenship for individuals who are here illegally. I believe that all immigrants should pursue citizenship by getting in line and complying with the same rules that are already in place. I have always drawn a clear distinction between legal and illegal immigration, and anyone who comes to our country legally should be welcomed to share in the pursuit of the American dream. At the same time, the defense of our nation begins with securing our borders and ending the opportunity for illegal entry. Our immigration laws must be followed, and they must be enforced. I stand in full support of those who do both.

I have been working hard to address one of the most important domestic issues in the United States. I will continue my efforts because I believe it is absolutely critical to our state and to this nation that we secure the borders, not offer amnesty, and to restore credibility to our immigration system. 

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