Issues & Legislation


Find out what Johnny thinks about some of the important issues facing our nation.    


U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson has a proven record on the important issues facing Georgians. From tax relief to homeland security, Johnny's work in Congress reflects the values and interests of Georgia's families.

Johnny has always worked under the philosophy of "people before politics." Elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2004 after serving three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, Johnny has set clear priorities:

  • Bring tax relief to America's families and small businesses
  • Strengthen America's military 
  • Succeed in the war on terror both at home and abroad
  • Create a smaller and more accountable federal government
  • Improve our schools through choice and accountability
  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in Georgia

During his tenure in Congress, Johnny has proven his leadership and delivered on many of these priorities. He worked with the Republican Leadership to pass the President's 2001 tax relief package, the largest tax cut in a generation, and voted in 2013 to make it permanent.

He has worked to strengthen our Armed Forces, and shown his commitment to those who have served our country both in the past and today.

He worked to pass legislation to create the new Department of Homeland Security, charged with the responsibility to secure our nation from terrorist threats.

He introduced legislation to reduce last minute, wasteful spending and is an original co-sponsor of the Balanced Budget Resolution.

He was an original author of the President's No Child Left Behind Act, the most significant improvement to our education system in a generation.

And he has worked to enhance and maintain Georgia's roads, while also working for mass transit alternatives to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Committee Assignments

The Senate leadership officially named Johnny to serve as the chairman of two committees for the 114th Congress: the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, which will play a key role in ensuring that cricial reforms passed by Congress last year are implemented to improve services and health care delivery for our nation's veterans, and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, becoming the only Senate Republican to chair two committees in the 114th Congress.

Johnny will also serve on three additional Senate committees that have jurisdiction over education, federal spending, healthcare, international trade and taxes. His committee assignments are:     

Johnny Isakson has taken his conservative and principled leadership style to Washington to make life better for the citizens of Georgia. He is honored to represent the great state of Georgia.