National Security

Johnny Isakson's Position Statement on National Security

We live in a world of unknown and dangerous threats. Despite this, nearly 2.1 million Americans have voluntarily raised their right hands and sworn to defend our nation against all enemies.

I am proud to support Georgia’s exemplary military installations, which play a critical role in keeping America safe at home and abroad. Whether it’s strategic rivals like Russia and China, rogue nations like North Korea and Iran, or terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, our country is facing national security challenges on nearly every front. Terrorism at home and abroad serves as a reminder that America must be able to defend itself against a wide range of threats, including potential terrorist attacks from nuclear, chemical or biological weapons as well as missile attacks. I am committed to the absolute defeat of all those who wish to do harm against Americans.

America cannot waver when it comes to defending this nation. We must have the resolve and fortitude to do what is necessary to protect America against the terror that threatens our security.

It is important to continue to work with all nations to root out terrorism and encourage stable democracies around the world. I will continue to support efforts to see that America stays on course to defend freedom and democracy.

Our Troops and Equipment
It is essential that the men and women fighting for our nation overseas are supported by our government not only in words, but in getting the resources and equipment they deserve and need to safely accomplish their mission.

Throughout my service in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate, I have supported and fought for the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar Systems program, known as JSTARS, the F-22A, the C130J, the C-17 programs, and dozens of others that have played a key role in our military and have created jobs in Georgia over the decades.

I also have supported pay raises for our troops, bonuses to bolster retention and increases in basic housing allowances. We are relying more on our Guardsmen and Reservists, and I have supported them by providing them with the benefits and quality of life that they and their families deserve. As a former Guardsman myself, I am proud to co-sponsor a bill to adjust the retirement eligibility for members of the National Guard and Reserves to improve their benefits based upon the increased role they are playing in our nation’s front lines of defense.

Finally, America must keep its promise to our veterans after they leave the armed forces. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, I work every day to see to it that those who have sacrificed for our country receive the benefits and care they have earned.

Georgia’s Military Role
Georgia has continually played a strong role in our nation’s security. Troops from military installations across the state are serving in the Global War on Terror, and these bases create jobs for many Georgians. Our state also has seen many of its citizens in the National Guard and Reserves deployed in recent years, and additional jobs are created through the manufacturers who build our weapons, safety systems and other equipment for our troops during their training and their service on the battlefield.

I have been proud to initiate an ongoing series of meetings in both Washington, D.C., and Georgia with senior Pentagon officials from each of the branches of the armed services, as well as visits to military installations to highlight the importance of Georgia-based assets and the critical role each plays in our national defense.

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