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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Celebrating American ingenuity

Dear friends,

On Tuesday, July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission launched its historic trip to the moon. Tomorrow, Saturday, July 20, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. When Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, it was an unbelievable achievement and a great day for our country. President Kennedy set a goal for us, and we were able to accomplish something nobody thought we would be able to do.

It’s important today for us as Americans to have a goal before us, an opportunity to change something for the better. We need to work towards a goal that benefits us all, makes our country and our world a better place, and continues to perpetuate our American ideals: to be the leader of the free world and dreamer of all mankind.

You can watch the tribute video I recorded on Tuesday to commemorate this event here, or by clicking the photo below. 

This spirit was on display this week during “Made in America” week in Washington. It is the third year President Trump has hosted a Made in America event with products from all 50 states showcased at the White House. Our state’s featured business this year was 2 Day Designs from Eastanollee, Ga.

I’m proud that our nature as Americans still drives us to succeed!

Positive Growth and Stronger Alliances

Over the last two and a half years, we have seen major economic improvements in the United States thanks to policies and promises delivered under Republican leadership. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was passed to overhaul our outdated federal tax code, is paying off. We rolled back damaging Dodd-Frank regulations on smaller financial institutions to help families and small businesses get the access to credit they need. President Trump has overturned many burdensome regulations throughout federal government agencies, halting hundreds of overreaching federal rules and regulations, which has further propelled our economy forward. Our economy has experienced robust growth, and hardworking Americans are seeing the benefits. Our unemployment rate is at a 50-year low.

This week, the Senate passed four important protocols to amend tax treaties with trading partners that will help further accelerate our flourishing economy. These long-overdue bilateral treaties between the United States and Spain, Switzerland, Japan and Luxembourg will boost American companies competing in the global marketplace, smooth trade alliances and reduce barriers for foreign investments in the United States. Treaties require a two-thirds vote in the Senate, and each of these amended treaty protocols passed overwhelmingly. 

Protecting Military Depots

On Monday, Senator David Perdue and I introduced legislation to eliminate a current six-month waiting period before retired military service members may be hired as federal civilian employees. The Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex in Warner Robins, Ga., and other military depots around the country need qualified workers, and no one is more qualified than military retirees who already have Department of Defense experience. Repealing the waiting period for military retirees to enter the federal civilian workforce in this capacity will help fill critical vacancies and support our military’s mission of maintaining the highest levels of readiness possible.

In Other News

  • On Tuesday, the Senate confirmed Peter Phipps to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Phipps is now the 43rd judge confirmed to a U.S. circuit court under the Trump administration.
  • I was proud to be presented with the Truck Safety Coalition’s Leadership Award on Tuesday for my work to improve roadway safety and save lives.
  • Lieutenant General Stephen Fogarty, commanding general of U.S. Army Cyber Command, and a number of officials from Fort Gordon and the Army Cyber Command provided us with an informative briefing on Tuesday about their upcoming move to Fort Gordon in Augusta, Ga. Investments in our cyber capabilities are key to a strong national defense, and I was glad to hear about the growing cyber and intelligence training and missions at this base. A native of Savannah, Ga., and a graduate of North Georgia College in Dahlonega, Ga., Lt. Gen. Fogarty is well-versed with our great state’s role in protecting our national security.
  • The University System of Georgia was recognized nationally this week as the 2019-2020 Exceptional Agency by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association. This award recognizes leadership, dedication and innovation in state higher education policy and administration. I’ve worked closely with the University System of Georgia and its institutions for many years to help improve access to quality education for all Georgians. Our university system is a national leader in delivering on the dream of an affordable college education, and I’m so proud of the work our university system has done on behalf of our students.

What’s On Tap?

I want to thank everyone who has sent their thoughts, prayers and well-wishes for me this week as I continue to recover from a fall that resulted in four fractured ribs. I look forward to fully recovering and getting back to work for Georgians.