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This week, President Obama proposed the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison and bringing hardened terrorists to the United States. Not only is this plan irresponsible and dangerous, it’s against the law. At the end of 2015, the president signed a bill into law that specifically prohibits the action his administration has announced.

I will fight against this decision because our military leaders have deemed many of these prisoners too dangerous to send to other countries, and we certainly don’t need them on American soil. The interests and safety of Americans should come ahead of any political move that seeks to do otherwise.

Call for Action to Restore Army Funding
With the president’s proposal to close Guantanamo Bay prison it is essential that our nation’s military is provided the resources needed to keep its strength at levels necessary to meet increasing threats around the world. The president’s final budget request to Congress includes a $1.4 billion reduction to the Army, and these cuts would affect military bases in our state.

Earlier this month, I met with Lt. Gen. Anderson, the Army’s deputy chief of staff, to discuss the troop cuts announced in July 2015 that included cuts of 4,350 soldiers from military installations in Georgia, including a net loss of approximately 950 soldiers at Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Ga., and a net loss of 3,400 soldiers at Fort Benning in Columbus, Ga.

To continue to shrink our military is a dangerous and compromising position to be in at a time threats are growing worldwide. Instead, we should be strengthening our military to send a clear signal to the rest of the world that America has no intention of standing down in the fight against terrorism.

That’s why I am urging action from Congressional appropriators to reverse cuts in the Army’s budget proposal and restore funding to keep Army end strength at levels necessary to meet increasing threats around the world.

To learn more about budget cuts to our nation’s military, click here.

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What’s on Tap?

Next week, the Senate will consider the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which will help Americans combat the epidemic of heroin and prescription painkillers abuse across the country.

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