Opinions and Speeches

April 2006
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4/11/06 Security of our borders must come first Op-ed
March 2006
Date Title Type
3/21/06 Good news in Iraq under-reported by the media Letter to the Editor
February 2006
Date Title Type
2/2/06 President acting within his authority, within the law, and in the best interest of our nation Letter to the Editor
January 2006
Date Title Type
1/5/06 Speech on the Surveillance of Foreign Sources, the War in Iraq and Renewal of the Patriot Act at the Roswell Rotary Club Speeches
December 2005
Date Title Type
12/9/05 Speech on the War in Iraq and Renewal of the Patriot Act at the Executive Forum of Mercer University Speeches
September 2005
Date Title Type
9/8/05 Tax cuts will extend economic prosperity Op-ed
July 2005
Date Title Type
7/8/05 Senate Takes Steps to Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil, Help Lower Gas Prices Op-ed
June 2005
Date Title Type
6/30/05 Stay the Course Op-ed
6/30/05 Let BRAC commission hear you Op-ed
6/30/05 Georgia bases play vital national security role Letter to the Editor