Opinions and Speeches

October 2009
Date Title Type
10/4/09 Expanded housing credit still needed Op-ed
September 2009
Date Title Type
9/27/09 How should President Barack Obama respond to the fight in Afghanistan? Op-ed
9/26/09 Dust standards a must Op-ed
9/25/09 Government is no cure for health care woes Op-ed
August 2009
Date Title Type
8/23/09 Give housing buyers a bigger tax credit Op-ed
8/1/09 Congressional Corner: Social Security's Financial Picture Getting Worse Op-ed
July 2009
Date Title Type
7/16/09 Health care reform plan is flawed Blog
7/15/09 U.S. military needs the F-22 Raptor Op-ed
June 2009
Date Title Type
6/15/09 Speech on Africa Trip at the Centers for Disease Control Op-ed
6/14/09 Iran election Op-ed