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Jackson Herald
March 22, 2006

Isakson has the right idea on immigration  

Sen. Johnny Isakson has got it right on how the U.S. should deal with illegal immigration.

Congress, however, is tied into knots arguing over what should be done with the illegal immigrants in the U.S.

And now the Georgia Legislature has jumped into the fray with its own agenda, a plan that seeks to make business owners immigration policemen.

Both Congress and the Georgia General Assembly should take a deep breath and listen for a minute to Sen. Isakson.

Two weeks ago, Sen. Isakson proposed a plan to tighten the U.S. border with Mexico. In his Washington press conference, the Senator made this observation: It doesn't matter what we do about illegal immigrants in the U.S. until we have a secure border.

Many Americans are concerned about the impact of illegal immigration, especially the cost of providing public services.

The concern is understandable, but the response from Congress and the Legislature has been little more than election year rhetoric and posturing. Most of the ideas being considered will do little more than drive illegal immigration further underground.

Before this nation attempts to deal with the immigrants who are already here, we must first close the border. In February, Sen. Isakson led a delegation to the Mexican border in Arizona and California. Out of that trip, he proposed a plan to beef up border patrols with 25 aerial surveillance vehicles, more video surveillance and additional border agents.

Border security should be the priority right now. Once we stop the influx of illegal immigrants, then we can deal with the issue of what to do with those who are already here.