What Others Are Saying

As published in the Valdosta Daily Times

By Jennifer Dandron

As a member of the Air Force Caucus, Sen. Johnny Isakson said he is working to keep the A-10 Thunderbolt II airplanes and Moody Air Force Base flying.

The Georgia senator and Sen. John Boozman of Arkansas toured Moody and participated in a live fire demonstration Friday. The primary purpose of Isakson’s trip, according to officials, focused on the preservation of the A-10 planes and Moody.

“As long as we have the risk of having soldiers deployed and in harm’s way,” Isakson said, “we need an aircraft to defend them and bring the military power to them. The A-10 is the only airplane that can do it so we’re going to keep it flying and keep Moody flying.”

Isakson said plans to cease the A-10 program were in place 18 months ago according to the Secretary of the Air Force. Isakson and other senators worked to maintain the A-10 operations. A-10 preservation has received excellent support from both sides of the aisle, he said.

“It’s a critical airplane for which there is no single replacement,” Isakson said. “We were able to make that case successfully. We’re continuing the A-10 program today and hopefully will for a long time.”

Without the A-10, Isakson said, soldiers wouldn’t be able to deploy around the world as they can now.

“The A-10 is an important aircraft in our mission,” he said. “The A-10 can go as low as 800 feet and even support our ground troops. It has the mission to deliver tremendous fire power to get our troops out of trouble. Nothing else will do that.”

Moody is home to several A-10s.

There currently is no threat of a Base Realignment and Closure, but Isakson said it’s important to secure the future of every base in Georgia, including Moody.

“Moody is such a tremendous base in the Air Force team,” he said. “We cannot afford to lose it.”

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