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Moultrie Observer
May 29, 2006

Isakson's strong stand

Dear editor;

Senator Isakson is 100 percent correct and I give him credit for standing his ground regarding America's need to secure our borders first before any other laws are passed regarding Immigration and guest worker Bills that are before Congress right now.

I visited Sen. Isakson back in 2004 regarding how taxpayers are 'footing the bill' in the billions of billions of dollars each year for illegal aliens' health care and educational needs while our veterans are being denied care due to a 'lack of funding' each year to the Veterans Administration, which of course takes care of our veterans.

During my visit with then Congressman Isakson, I explained the struggle of our troops and veterans regarding adequate and timely health care and compared their struggles to how illegals were receiving medical care while thousands of veterans are 'given the boot' by their own government due to funding issues to the V.A.

Johnny Isakson promised me at this 2004 meeting that he would do all he could in taking a closer look at the illegal immigration issue, our unsecured borders and how billions of dollars are going toward illegal aliens health care when that money could go toward taking care of our troops and veterans.

Thank you Sen. Isakson for "keeping your word" to me and standing your ground now. Secure our borders (since 9-11 you would think our government would do that anyhow) and then reform our immigration policies because it is in complete disarray.

Joanne Consalvo-Mulvaney
U.S Navy veteran,
Stockbridge, Ga.