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Newnan Times Herald
March 28, 2006

Isakson speaks without pointing partisan fingers

Georgia's U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson is a real breath of fresh air among politicians these days.

Listen to almost any state and national political figure, and he or she can't open their mouth without talking partisan politics. Before they complete their first sentence they have blamed the opposition with all the ills of the state, nation and world.

Not so with Johnny Isakson.

On Friday Isakson spoke at the Newnan Rotary Club. He talked about the war in Iraq. He talked about the health care crisis in our country. He talked about illegal immigration. He strongly supports closing the borders to Mexico.

Isakson talked with passion about these issues. He had strong praise for President Bush and the war effort. He said the story of the war you see on television news is not the true story of what is going on in Iraq. He has visited the country and says he has seen the progress that is being made.

While Isakson did bash the media, at no time during his 30 minute speech and question and answer session did he talk partisan politics or point fingers. He never mentioned the word Democrat, or liberal. He didn't blame anyone for the problems.

What Isakson did do was effectively state the issue, and we thought clearly outline his position with steps towards solutions.

Johnny Isakson is a refreshing, articulate, intelligent political figure who represents our state quite well in Washington.