U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., with Senate page Rhoxie Elllard of Georgia, Fall 2010“Being a U.S. Senate page was the most challenging and enriching experience I have ever been through. My patriotism grew as I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for our government by being on the Senate floor watching history be made. Whether it was classes at 6am, delivering Congressional Records, chatting with senators or riding the Senate subway, being a page was a grand adventure. Having Senator Isakson as my sponsoring senator was a blessing from day one. He and his staff were so kind and welcoming. They immediately pulled me under their wing and made me feel right at home.

“The academic and work schedules are rigorous. The program pushes you to be your best, and accepts nothing less. The skills of leadership, time management, and accountability are some of the most valuable lessons I learned. Being a U.S. Senate page is one of the most prestigious honors a high school student can receive. The opportunity to serve our country representing the state of Georgia and Senator Isakson is a noble, life-altering experience I encourage everyone to explore.” – Rhoxie Ellard, 2010 U.S. Senate Page